Donating Blood in Phoenix, Arizona

Although, plasma is in much more high demand for donation centers there are some facilities in the Phoenix area who pay for blood donations. These blood donation centers actually extract blood products from the blood. Including: platelets, red blood cells, and, of course, plasma.

There are a number of blood donations centers in Phoenix that do not pay for blood donations. So make sure you contact the blood donation centers before showing up to the facilities if you are donating blood for money. Blood centers typically do not pay donors as much money for blood donations. It is standard for blood donors to receive $20.00 for their donation.

Learn About The Blood Donation Process in Phoenix

Since your body is constantly pumping new blood into your circulatory system it is perfectly healthy to donate blood up to three times in a seven day period. Federal law mandates that a donor can only donate three times in a week. You will not damage your body from donating blood if you just follow the Federal regulations. To ensure you do not damage your body blood banks will not permit you to donate to multiple facilities in the same week.

Blood donors in Phoenix are tested for diseases prior to donating blood. Donors will be tested for HIV, STD's, and viral hepatitis. Donors must supply their medical history and are given a short physical examination prior to their donations. Donors must supply legal identification, social security card, or birth certificate before donating. Donating blood takes between 30-60 minutes.