Make Money Donating Plasma in Phoenix

Donating plasma or blood in Phoenix is a great way to help patients in need of plasma therapies and blood products live a longer healthier life. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for donors in Phoenix to make extra money on the side of their full time job. Donating plasma or blood takes anywhere between 30-120 minutes of your time and you will make $50.00 or more up to 3 times in a single week. That is a great opportunity for any eligible donor to make an additional income of up to $150.00 per week for donations.

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What You Should Know Before Donating Plasma For Money in Phoenix

First, it is important to understand that not everyone is eligible for blood or plasma donations in Phoenix. Only donors who have submitted their medical history, passed all blood tests, and have valid proof of identification are eligible to donate blood in Phoenix. Also, most blood banks and plasma centers give less money to donors after their initial donation. For example: if you were to visit a plasma center and donate on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You would receive $50.00 on Monday for your initial visit and $35.00 for your next two visits on Wednesday and Friday. Then if you decided to visit the plasma center again on the following Monday you would receive another $50.00. That is $480.00 extra spending cash a month for helping patients in need of plasma therapies and proteins.

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